A downloadable videdo game for Windows

its act the 1st of famous videdo game; based on the true storie of cool and new web comic

play ass joe eclare, the 13th year old kid whose go on adventur in straneg planet, its called altertia, also theres this things caled troles, look juts play the game ok

q and ansers:

  • q-is this cannon
  • a: uh no dumpy, its a VIDEDO GAME

q; when other acts wil be relase?

  • a, it depemends, how many money did u bak on are kickstorter?? ;^y
  1. q whos o
  2. A ok thats enogh, if you cant be SEREIOUS im not goign to answer any more of questons.....

the game broght too you by:

/u/o - he did cool and new web comic
u/gabaronth - execetutive producter
/u/cognentinvald - porgam
\u\cogentyInvaled -artits
[u]corgetinvauled - desig
/uCocnetivalde - writinges
/u/the cool and-new-music team - muisc

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Install instructions

press the "down load " butten too down load the game


the house swich places (NOT A VIRUSE PLEAS OPEN ).zip (23 MB)